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Gift Books

Donation of Books and Materials to the Acadia Parish Library

The Acadia Parish Library genuinely appreciates the donation of books and materials to its collection.  These donations can often be valuable additions to fill real needs or supplement our collection.  Donations of books and materials will be accepted with these understandings:

  • They must become the property of the library and the Board must be entitled to whatever disposition of them that will fit into the library’s service pattern.
  • They must fit into the library’s standards of book selection as to usability, content and physical condition.
  • No gifts can be accepted with any specific restrictions such as shelving in specified areas or restricted to use by certain people.
  • That the library cannot maintain private records or collections.


The library reserves the right to use in any collection in the parish, donate to others libraries in this or another parish, or discard any and all books and materials donated.